What's In?

Clean is in. Before anything goes in your blue cart, check that it is on the list of accepted material and make sure it is clean of food and residue. This will ensure we are only collecting high-quality recyclable materials.





What can be recycled in the Blue Carts?<div class="ExternalClass91912516A138478F96B5370577ECA2DD"><p>The Blue Cart residential curbside recycling program accepts cardboard, paper, metal cans and foil, and hard plastics with a recycling symbol #1-7.  <br></p><div>Glass and plastic bags are NOT accepted in the Blue Carts. They will continue to be collected at the recycling stations. <br></div><div><br></div><div>To find out what can be recycled at the three recycling stations, visit the <a href="/Pages/waste-wizard.aspx">Waste Wizard</a>.<br></div><p><br></p></div>
Why are there so many rules around what can and can’t go in blue carts?<div class="ExternalClassB5DEBF9D3D484A0089B0AEB1003B5C0D"><div>It might feel like there are a lot of rules but a big part of a successful curbside recycling program is quality control. We need to make sure we’re collecting clean, high-quality materials that will have the most environmental benefit, can be safely processed and that have value in the marketplace. Weighing these factors and talking with other communities, we’ve created a list of what’s in and what’s out so we can make a positive impact with our program. <br></div></div>
Do I have to clean my recyclables before they go in my cart?<div class="ExternalClassB69374174DDC45CCBFD15FA7DF58E96F"><p>Yes. We ask that residents make sure their materials are free of any food and residue before putting them in their blue cart. A quick rinse or a cycle through the dishwasher for greasy or sticky items should do the trick. A big factor in the success of our program lies in the collection of clean, high-quality products that have value in the marketplace. By cleaning materials, before they go in the blue cart, we can prevent contamination.<br></p></div>
What should I do with personal documents like bank statements?<div class="ExternalClassBDF8BFA5511A498AAFDA82CEE2E42D6F"><p>Any paper that contains personal information should always be shredded to protect your privacy and identity. To recycle shredded paper, bag, tie and drop the paper off at a recycling station. Make sure the bag is translucent enough that the paper is not mistaken for garbage or yard waste. Do not put shredded paper in your blue cart. </p></div>
What will happen to the three recycling stations?<div class="ExternalClass124B01DF09304E88B145B5EA6473C650"><p>The recycling stations will remain open 24/7/365 to serve residents who have larger volumes of recyclables and for items that can’t be collected at the curb, like glass and plastic bags.</p><div>Recycling stations also serve as the home for seasonal yard waste sites (open April 1 – Nov 30), where residents can drop off branches, grass, leaves and garden waste for composting or mulching.<br></div></div>
What if I don’t follow the rules?<div class="ExternalClassF09201C54A864C2DA6E19A19422A726E"><p>​If you happen to put something in your blue cart that should have been left out, our drivers will leave you an "oops tag" this will give you information on what you did wrong. On the following pick-up date, your driver will check your bin. If there is still material that is not accepted, the bin will not be picked up that week. <br></p></div>

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