Apartments & Condos

The City of Lethbridge is committed to ensuring recycling services are provided to both houses and apartment complexes.

How does Recycling Work for Apartments and Condo Buildings?

For residents living in apartment complexes, there isn't necessarily a curb to place curbside recycling at. To address this, other methods have been developed to collect recyclable materials from these homes. 


  • City Council approved a citywide residential curbside recycling program in 2016
  • The goal was to divert waste away from the landfill by making recycling more convenient.
  • To ensure participation, the program was designed as a single stream/commingled recycling program, which means paper, cardboard, plastics, metals are mixed together and collected from one cart. This is similar to most other cities and ensures the program is easy to understand and convenient to use.
  • The program included both single family and multifamily homes with the initial focus on the single family home which began blue cart pick up in May 2019.
  • The implementation of recycling for condos, apartments and other multifamily buildings began in September of 2019 and was divided into two groups
    • Group 1 includes Condos and Apartments that contain less than 45 units (approximately 123 properties).
    • Group 2 includes Condos and Apartments with more than 45 units (approximately 46 properties).
  • Dedicated staff have been working with each property to assess the best method to deliver, considering their space needs, and the collection method that will work best.

Recycling in Small Apartments & Condos (With Less than 45 Units)

Each home is responsible for properly gathering materials accepted in the residential recycling program and getting them to the designated collection area. Each complex decides how and where to store recyclables. The City of Lethbridge will collect the recyclables and deliver them to the sorting facility.

Due to the complexity and unique circumstances of each complex, the City of Lethbridge will work with managers/owners to determine what works best for their residents, whether that be individual carts or communal collection bins.

If you live in an apartment complex, speak with your building manager on how recyclables are (or will be) collected at your site.

Working with property managers and residents

  • Multifamily recycling is tailored to the needs of each property.
  • City staff work with each property to assess the best method to deliver the service, considering the space available and the collection method that will work best.
  • After meeting with representatives of each property, the Waste and Recycling team will provide:
    • advice on the best location for collection,
    • collection bin options and set up,
    • individual containers to each unit to transfer recyclables from their home to the central location,
    • education & outreach materials for residents.
  • The multifamily rate for curbside recycling is $7/month/unit ($0.230/day/unit).
  • An analysis of these fees has been completed and confirms that $7/unit provides cost recovery for this service. 
  • The Waste and Recycling Utility is not a profit center but rather operates on a cost recovery basis.
  • For more information on what these fees will cover, visit our Dollars and Cents page. 


  • Large condos and apartments (with more than 45 dwelling units) need to have an equivalent recycling program in place, but it may be provided either by the City or a private contractor. For more details on recycling in condos and apartments with more than 45 units, visit our Large Apartments page.

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