For residents living in apartment complexes, there isn't necessarily a curb to place curbside recycling at.
To address this, different processes have been developed to collect recyclable materials from these homes.

How will curbside recycling work for Apartment buildings?

The City of Lethbridge is committed to providing recycling services to both single family homes and apartment complexes. Work will begin to phase in apartment complexes after single family homes begin recycling in the spring of 2019. This will start with smaller complexes (less than 45 units). 

After the phase 2 implementation, an evaluation of the apartment complex program will be completed and any required modifications made. Larger condominium or apartment buildings with more than 45 units will be brought on in Phase 3 of the program, scheduled for the Fall of 2020. No recycling program fees will be charged to residents until the program is implemented at their complex. For more information on what these fees will cover, visit our Dollars and Cents page. 

Each complex will decide how and where to store recyclables. Each home will be responsible for properly gathering materials accepted in the residential recycling program and getting them to the designated collection area. The City of Lethbridge will collect the recyclables and deliver them to the sorting facility.

Due to the complexity and unique circumstances of each complex, the City of Lethbridge will work with managers/owners to determine what works best for their residents, whether that be individual carts or communal collection bins. As this work is completed, the site will be added to the recycling program.

If you live in an apartment complex, speak with your building manager on how recyclables will be collected at your site.

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