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Feedback to Residents

To ensure we only collect clean, accepted material and avoid contamination, there will be ongoing feedback to residents about the ins and outs of the curbside recycling program. 

‚ÄčOne of the best ways to promote change is to provide immediate feedback. With that in mind, the City of Lethbridge will be implementing a cart checking program in conjunction with the roll out of curbside recycling. This will give direct feedback to residents on what is being done well and what we can improve on.

Chart Checks

During Phase 1 of curbside recycling, City staff noticed a few carts with excessive contamination. To make sure that this material doesn't end with the clean recyclables, summer students will be going out ahead of recycling collection trucks and reviewing the material being placed in the blue carts. They will tag excessively contaminated carts with an Oops! Tag, and that cart will not be collected.  After the first few months of the program, staff will continue periodic checks to ensure we are still collecting high quality material. 

Examples of Oops! tagged carts from Phase 1
Remember to only put accepted, clean material in your cart and don't bag your recyclables. Organic material like leaves can not go in your blue cart. If you are unsure, look it up using the Waste Wizard. If you are still unsure, it's better to put it in your black cart than risk contaminating your recyclables. 

What if I get an Oops! tag?  

The person checking your cart will leave an Oops! tag attached to your cart that explains what was in the cart that should have been left out. The cart will be turned away from the curb and will not picked up that week to avoid contaminating the other materials being collected. Please remove the contaminated material as outlined on your Oops! tag before your next pickup. If you have questions you can always call Lethbridge 311 for more information, search up material using the Waste Wizard or learn more on the What's In and What's Out pages of this website. 

What if I get a Way to Go! tag?

After receiving an Oops! tag, your cart will be checked again on the following pickup date. If you have corrected your pickup hiccup, we will leave behind a Way to Go! tag. This is our way of saying thank you - keep doing what you're doing and help your friends, family and neighbours do the same. 

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