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Past Engagement

‚ÄčOver the course of our year-long phase 1 curbside recycling project, we've gather great feedback and insight from our participants. This has helped inform decisions for the city-wide roll-out in the spring of 2019. 

Focus Group #2

In October 2018, we conducted three more focus groups. We talked to 24 phase 1 curbside recycling participants to get their thoughts and feedback on the program so far.


After having curbside for several months, our second focus group participants seemed less concerned with things like the program cost and wind blowing over their cart. They did however, still have questions about what can go in and what has to be left out of their blue cart. Many people still weren't aware of the Waste Wizard tool to help them determine if an item is in or out. 

Between focus group #1 and #2, there appears to be a shift in participants attitudes towards curbside recycling and the value they see in the service. When asked if the community wanted curbside recycling, there was consensus among all groups that it was very much wanted. This is much different than the initial focus group study where there was resounding "no" echoed by all groups when this question was posed. The majority of participants agreed that curbside makes recycling easier, reduces clutter in their home and saves them time and effort by not having to drive to the recycling stations.


We've included a new section in the user guide to highlight the use of Waste Wizard.  We have also expanded web content in the areas of what is in and out to address some of the more frequently asked questions. Both of these tactics will help participants find the answers they need around what is in and what is out of the blue cart. 


In late February and early March, 2018 we conducted three focus groups and talked to 43 phase 1 residents. We even had one participant who was 100 years old! Now that's dedication to your community. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to give their feedback. We had amazing participation and discussion. 

What we heard

We heard that people were concerned about how to prepare their recyclable materials. How clean is clean? Do we need to take off lids and labels? Where do I put my blue cart to be picked up? We also heard that people were concerned and confused about the program cost and that we needed to be more transparent.

What we did

The feedback from the focus groups gave us great information to tweak our communication materials.

We've added a section to the user guide and website on how to prepare recyclable materials. This will help answer many of the questions we heard. 

You'll also find a section on the website called Dollars and Cents. This outlines the fees you currently pay for waste and recycling services and what will be collected in 2019. It also outlines what that new fee will help support. 


In the spring of 2018 we opened an online survey and also had summer students visiting phase 1 participants to get their thoughts on the program so far. 

We had 216 people fill out the survey for us. 

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