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July 2018

​Progress report for phase 1 of curbside recycling in July 2018. 

Progress Report

JULY, 2018

As of the end of June 2018, you have helped us collect 25,094 kg of recyclables! That's a lot of material saved from our landfill. Thank you and keep up the great work.

This month we started doing curbside audits of blue bins in phase 1 of the curbside recycling program. Our summer students check carts ahead of the collection trucks to ensure only clean and acceptable material are being collected. If there is something in the cart that should have been left out, they will leave at Oops Tag that explains what was wrong and why the cart couldn't be picked up. This helps educate residents and prevents contamination from getting into our recyclable materials. 

The first curbside collection audit took place on August 13, 2018. A total of 264 bins were check and 11 were marked with Oops Tags. That's a pretty good rate given we are just a few weeks in! The most common concern was yard waste and bagged garbage making it's way into the blue bins. Watch for more audits in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for filling out the Phase 1 Curbside Recycling survey. The survey is now closed and we’ll share the results from the 216 responses once they’re analyzed. By providing your feedback, you are contributing to a better program for the whole community in 2019.

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