Using Your Blue Cart

Much like trash collection, blue carts are collected and dumped into the back of a collection truck using an automated arm.  Knowing how to properly place your cart will help you avoid any pickup hiccups. 

Cart Placement

Understanding how to put your cart out and when to bring it in will help us run a smooth and efficient program. Follow these easy steps for proper cart placement.

Fill it – Recyclable materials should be placed loosely in your cart and not bagged. Remember not to overfill your cart. The lid must be able to close.

Space it - Bins should be at least 1.5 metre from any objects like a fence, garage or car so the mechanical truck arms can safely grab them.

Park it - Have your recycling out by 7 am on your collection day and be sure the arrow on the lid is pointing into the street or alley.
Take it - Be sure to return your blue cart to your property after pickup. Each cart is marked with a barcode specific to your address.

What if it's windy? Learn more here about managing your recycling on windy days. 

Cart Size

When curbside recycling is implemented city-wide, the default will be to deliver a 360L blue cart to all homes. This is the same size as the standard back cart that is already provided. There will be a window of opportunity to downsize to a 240L bin prior to the purchasing of the carts. Learn more here

Pick-up Schedule

All phase 1 participants will have their blue and black carts picked up on Fridays. Regardless of when your cart is delivered, your first blue cart pick up will be Friday, April 20, 2018. Use the Waste Wizard for customized reminders, printable calendars and up-to-date information. 

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