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​Many containers that your food is stored in are made of glass. Whether it's a glass jar or a glass container, the following information will tell you what to do with it.

​What do I do with my glass?

Most types of clear glass are recyclable, such as bottles, jars or containers. These can be recycled at any of the City's three recycling stations. Other types of glass such as coloured glass, window panes or ceramics cannot be recycled. These should be carefully bagged with your garbage and placed in your black cart. 

What's the best option for managing my glass?

Glass is not the easiest item to recycle so try and reduce how much you use. It's especially important to avoid coloured glass as much as possible as this cannot be recycled.

Many glass jars and containers can be reused to store food and other items, be creative!

Glass is not accepted in the curbside recycling program. However, clear glass is accepted at the recycling stations, just be sure to clean them and take off any metal lids.

Dispose of any coloured or dirty glass.

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