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Labels and Lids

​Here are some tips for dealing with lids and labels when preparing your recycling.


When recycling tin cans or plastic containers, labels are okay to leave on. Leaving labels on does not impact the ability to recycle and plastics. Remember to still clean the tin cans and plastic containers before putting them in your blue cart. If a label is heavily soiled it should be removed and put in the garbage before the container is put in the blue cart. This will help avoid contaminating other recyclables. 


Lids can be left on containers if they are made from the same materials (plastic bottle with a plastic lid). Lids are not okay to leave on if they are made from a different material (plastic bottle with a metal lid).  If put in separately, small lids can fall through the machinery at the sorting facility and sometimes end up in the landfill. Keeping small lids on the container is helpful in making sure it gets recycled.

Metal sealer lids typically seen on glass jars like pickles and pasta sauce often have a rubber inner seal. This mixed material is not recyclable and should be left our of your blue cart.

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