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Tips for Recycling Paper & Cardboard

​Paper and Cardboard should be dry and clean of any residue before it gets put in your blue cart.

Pizza Boxes

One of the number one questions we get is about pizza boxes. These are accepted in your blue cart but must be clean. A little bit of grease is OK but if it is heavily soaked in grease, cheese or sauce, it is no longer a recyclable material. If this is the case, please put the pizza box in your black cart instead. 

Another good idea is to find a pizza place that provides a lining in the box. This way, the lining can be thrown out and the box doesn't get dirty.

Removing Film

If you have a cardboard box that also contains some sort of plastic film, please remove the film and put it in the garbage before putting the box in your blue cart. Examples of this would be for tissue boxes or pastry boxes with windows.

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