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‚ÄčStyrofoam is 95% air which causes many issues in the recycling process as it is not cost effective to store or ship. Because Styrofoam is commonly found in take-out containers, it's also often contaminated with food or drink and is difficult to clean.

What do I do with my Styrofoam?

Unfortunately, there is not much a consumer can do to recycle Styrofoam. Many places do not accept Styrofoam, so it is best to avoid it as much as possible.

What's the best option for managing my Styrofoam?

Reduce consumption of Styrofoam coffee cups and take out containers and find alternatives to Styrofoam packaging peanuts like using newspaper or cardboard which is recyclable. 

Reuse the packaging peanuts or styrofoam for other packages you may ship and look for companies that accept donations for packing materials. Use a reusable mug for your drinks.

Lethbridge does not accept Styrofoam in the blue curbside cart or the recycling stations so it will need to go in your black cart instead.

It is always better to dispose of Styrofoam rather than contaminating the recycling. Please place in black carts or bring to the landfill.

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