The Big Picture

Curbside recycling is just one part of the City's overall strategy to manage waste. Specific targets have been set to reduce waste in homes and businesses along with a plan on how we can reach our goals.  



Benefits of RecyclingBenefits of Recycling,,, we need to do better.
Why Curbside?Why Curbside?,,, it easy.
Dollars & CentsDollars & Cents,,, waste and recycling fees.
Sorting FacilitySorting Facility,,, our new state-of-the-art facility.

Where DOES our REcycled Material Go?

One of the common questions we get from residents is around were their recycling will end up. Learn more about that process here. 

Marketing Our Recyclables

Facing the Challenge

Environment Lethbridge has created an innovative, educational platform on the impact of waste disposal and making the case for waste reduction in Lethbridge. Wasteless is an introduction to the problem of waste in Lethbridge and what we can do about it. The reality is, when it comes to managing waste, Lethbridge can do much better. From what we do at work, home and at play, we are all part of the solution.

Building the solution

‚ÄčThe majority of residents in Lethbridge believe in the importance of recycling and keeping waste out of the landfill. The City's Waste Diversion Policy has lead to specific targets for reducing waste in both households and businesses with the goal of cutting the overall community waste in half by 2030.

Residential Waste

The Residential Waste Diversion Strategy sets targets to reduce the amount of waste residents send to the landfill.

  • 50% waste diversion rate by 2021 
  • 65% waste diversion rate by 2030 

These goals can be reached by implementing effective and proven programs that increase waste diversion such as: 

  • Introduction of a Curbside Recycling Collection Program
  • Introduction of a Curbside Organics Collection Program 

Waste diversion and disposal is being tracked over time to monitor the success of meeting diversion targets and goals. 

Business Waste

The business sector also has a large part to play when it comes to reducing waste. Our Business Waste Diversion Strategy helps address this part of the waste management equation. 

Targets for waste diversion in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector include: 

  • 25% waste diversion by 2021
  • 45% waste diversion by 2030


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