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Why curbside?

Curbside recycling programs exist in most towns and cities across the country and throughout the world 
to help residents reduce waste in a convenient and accessible way.

In 2019, Lethbridge became one of the last cities in Canada to implement curbside recycling. This allowed us to learn from other municipalities when designing our program, but it was also a reminder that there's a lot more we can be doing to reduce waste. Implementing curbside recycling was a big step forward in helping Lethbridge to become a more sustainable city.

What's in it for me?

We all know recycling is important but people are busy and making it easy is also important. Providing curbside recycling is a proven way to increase recycling participation in communities.

  • Accessible to everyone
  • Less recycling piling up in your house and garage
  • Less time spent sorting
  • Fewer trips to the recycling stations

Curbside recycling is an important piece of the City's overall plan for reducing and managing waste. To learn more visit our Big Picture page.

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