Gift Wrap

​Wrapping paper and tissue paper are difficult to recycle due to the fact that they often contain mixed materials. Many contain foil, plastics and glitter which are not recyclable.

​How to manage Gift Wrap


The best option for managing your wrapping paper is to use less. Consider wrapping gifts in something that can be reused like fabric or wrap your gifts in newspaper. These options can significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce at birthdays and during the holiday season


Reuse your tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift bags and gift boxes. This is a great option to be more environmentally friendly and it will save you money. 


When it doesn't have any life left, disposing of your gift wrap in your black cart is the best option. Because it is often hard to know what materials are in the wrapping, it is better to throw it out, rather than contaminating the recycling load. If they can't be reused, gift bags should also be put in the trash. These are often made of mixed materials and contain strings that can get tangled and cause serious damage to the sorting equipment.

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