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About the Green Cart

​​The Curbside Organics Program was approved by City Council on June 1, 2021.

The Curbside Organics Program will launch city-wide in Spring 2023. Green carts will be provided to 34,500 single-family homes and 7,500 multi-family residences (apartments/condos).  Like many other municipalities, in order to plan and operate the program efficiently, it needs to be universally implemented across the entire community. Therefore there is no option to opt out of the Curbside Organics Program.

Residential curbside organics collection will include a weekly collection of green carts during the summer (mid-April – October) and a bi-weekly collection of green carts during the winter (November – mid-April). This seasonal approach considers the seasonal variation of yard waste material and addresses the potential odour and “yuck factor” issues that others have observed during the warm season.

Garbage and recycling collection will remain on an alternating bi-weekly schedule throughout the year.

All materials will be received at the Waste & Recycling Centre and processing will occur at the compost facility. Design and construction of the compost facility is underway and will be operational in the spring of 2023.


Approximately 1,900 households across the city received green carts starting on April 27, 2022 as part of Phase 1 of the Curbside Organics program. Those areas included in Phase 1 are spread across three areas on both the north and west sides of the city:

  • Areas of Varsity Village 
  • Areas of Legacy Ridge 
  • Areas of Hardieville 

Households included in Phase 1 will not be charged for their organics collection until the program is rolled out city-wide next spring (2023). Each household received a 240 litre green cart and 8 litre kitchen catcher pail with an Ins and Outs brochure and user guide about the program.

This first phase will include consultation with participants to help inform decisions around the future implementation of a city-wide curbside organics program currently scheduled for spring 2023.

Phase 1 participants can register for the Phase 1 Curbside Organics E-Newsletter at the link below.


Once organics collection begins in 2023, residential customers in a single family home will see a $5/month charge and customers in a multi-family residence (apartment/condo) will see a $4/month charge on their utility bill to cover a portion of the organics program expenses. 

This charge will cover part of the following costs:

  • Compost facility operations (maintenance, utilities, staffing)
  • Curbside collection of organics materials
  • Compost marketing and sales
  • Maintenance and lifecycle for trucks and carts
  • Resources for public education and outreach
Garbage and Recycling Costs


This program is part of the initiatives proposed in the Residential Waste Diversion Strategy approved by Council in 2015. Based on waste audits at the Waste & Recycling Centre, about 57% of the materials in the black cart is organics. The introduction of a curbside organics program means the organics material could be diverted and contribute towards approved waste diversion targets.

After successful implementation of curbside recycling in 2019, Council directed administration to prepare an implementation plan for residential curbside collection of organics. This plan was submitted to City Council as part of the Capital Improvement Program deliberations and was approved on May 18, 2021.

The benefit of a curbside organics program include reduced landfill greenhouse gas and leachate emissions, increase landfill air space availability and provides another option for residential food waste management. 

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