Preparing Your Organics

The better we are at preparing our organics and only putting acceptable material in our green carts, the more successful our curbside program will be. Help us collect high-quality material that is free of contamination by following these guidelines. 


​There are lots of things that can go into your green cart but there are also some things that need to be left out. Check out the section about your green cart or click the links below for more information on what's in and what's out. 

What's In?   What's Out?


​Organic materials can be placed loosely in your cart, in regular paper bags, or even in larger paper yard waste bags. Plastic bags, even those that say Compostable or Biodegradable, will not be accepted in this program. Remember not to overfill your green cart, the lid must close.

You can also use newspaper as a liner for your kitchen pail. Click the link below for a quick and easy way to make a newspaper liner that will help reduce odours and mess in your kitchen pail. If you want to purchase paper liners for your kitchen pail, click the second link to find a list of vendors that sell compostable paper liners.

​Each household will be provided a kitchen pail with their green cart. The kitchen pail can be used on your countertop, under your sink, or wherever is most convenient for you to collect your kitchen waste. 

smell stoppers

​Use odor absorbers or neutralizers such as sprinkling baking soda, using a few drops of essential oils or spraying an air freshener. Try freezing your food waste and placing it into your green cart just before taking it to the curb. If you can, store your green cart outside in a shady part of your property.  

Still not sure what's in or out? Ask the Waste Wizard

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